13 January 2011

Welcome to Australian History for Genealogists and Family Historians

Hello to everyone and welcome to my blog!

I would just like to start by briefly introducing myself, and my reasons for starting this blog.

I am currently a student of the Advanced Diploma of Local, Family and Applied History that is operated externally through the University of New England in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia. I have loved history all of my life, and in recent years have decided to pursue a dream to make a career out of it. I have traced branches of my family tree back as far as the 16th century in Northern England, but now I would like to add 'flesh' to the names and dates in my records.

Adding 'flesh to the bones' is often difficult as few records survive, but where specific records don't exist you can often glean enough information from local history, or by understanding the context of the times your ancestor lived in, to get a picture about the way your ancestor lived and be able to write that into your family story. 

This blog will post links to articles and items of interest for those of you who want to find out more about Australian History in relation to your ancestors, no matter how long they have lived on this magnificent continent we now know as Australia.

This site acknowledges and recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first peoples of Australia, also the loss and grief held by Aboriginal Australians caused by alienation from traditional lands, loss of lives and freedoms, and the forced removal of children.

Happy Blogging,